Ladies lounge wear

We all love and need it, the moment of well-being after a long day at work, taking a deep breath after a turbulent phase, rest and relaxation on a comfortable weekend. With comfortable loungewear clothing, this time becomes all the more relaxing and negative thoughts can be put aside for a moment. However, what is meant by the term loungewear? And what do you have to pay attention to? Where do you wear loungewear?

What is the difference between loungewear and homewear?

Homewear is mostly house suits, which are comfortable but often not very stylish. As a result, a new term has recently gained in importance: loungewear. Today's feel-good fashion can simply be more than just comfortable. Loungewear for women not only ensures comfort, but also has an elegant and extremely modern look. It is therefore women's fashion with one major advantage: with this clothing you are stylishly dressed both indoors and outdoors. Modern loungewear are now favorite pieces that are sophisticated and tailored to fit. Elegant clothing, often in soft earth tones, which brings the serenity of a cozy Sunday into everyday life.

Characteristics of loungewear

In order to meet the need for relaxation and well-being, loungewear should meet certain properties, among other things:

  • Feel-good fashion, comfortable clothing in natural materials
  • Fine and very high quality materials
  • Convenience and style combined in one product
  • Feeling of cosiness and after work
  • feel good about it
  • Soft earth tones that are easy to combine
  • Favorite pieces that can be combined with each other
  • replace day clothes
  • Look that is suitable for everyday use
  • Noble fashion to relax
  • Multifunctionality, clothing that can be worn at home as well as when traveling (travelwear) or simply for a visit to the next café

If these properties are combined in one piece of clothing, nothing stands in the way of stylish relaxation.

Ladies lounge wear

Where do you wear loungewear?

Also with regard to sustainability, durable garments are preferred nowadays, which fulfill different functions and are therefore a permanent companion in everyday life:

  • Lounge wear at home:
    At a time when we work from home and also spend a lot of time at home with our loved ones at the weekend, a high-quality loungewear set (also known as a lounge set) is a stylish alternative to jogging pants. Whether it's a movie night on the coach or a video conference, you're always well equipped with a lounge set.
  • Loungewear on the go in everyday life:
    Elegant loungewear for women can also be worn outside your own four walls. There is nothing wrong with doing the shopping in it, visiting a café with a friend or going to the yoga studio.
  • Travel loungewear:
    Stylish loungewear can even be worn when travelling. As travel clothing, it creates an elegant look combined with comfort. If the loungewear is also made of natural materials such as organic cotton, nothing stands in the way of a relaxed holiday. Modern loungewear is also travelwear, from the sofa on the plane to the hotel bar - a perfect travel companion for all stations.

Lounge wear travel

upyuu Serenity Loungewear – comfy, stylish and sustainable

upyuu Serenity Loungewear brings our customers the serenity of a cozy Sunday into everyday life. A comfortable outfit that creates a feel-good moment of relaxation and recreation in everyday life.
Women's loungewear from upyuu impresses with very high-quality and sustainable materials that feel incredibly soft on the skin and are stretchy at the same time. Our premium collection in a noble sand color gives an elegant and at the same time harmonious uplifting look.

They are favorite pieces that are not only high-quality and stylish, but also leave a much smaller footprint in this world. The items of clothing were selected with great care so that they can be flexibly combined with each other and fulfill different functions: The Premium Collection consists of three tops; Serenity Crop Top (can also be worn as a bra under tops), Serenity Crop Hoodie and Serenity Turtle Neck. The collection is supplemented by the two bottoms Serenity Leggings and Wide Pants.

The upyuu loungewear is made from 72% organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS). Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers. This protects our environment and is also gentler on the skin of our customers.

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July 03, 2022 — Jeannine Siegenthaler