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Discover the strongest and best version of yourself - feel good, feel strong

our history

For strong

upyuu is a Swiss brand for strong women founded by a woman.



For each order we donate 1 week of girls' education to Unicef



We use recycled nylon and organic cotton for our clothing

Strong women can achieve anything

It all started with my two daughters asking: «Can a mommy also be the boss?» This is how the idea for upyuu came about. I wanted to show my daughters that a woman with a positive attitude and willpower can achieve anything, including founding a company.

With upyuu, I want to inspire women to discover the best and strongest version of themselves - in sports and in everyday life, at home and when travelling. Because strong women change the world by following their hearts and making their dreams come true.

In our athleisure and loungewear, women should feel good and strong, elegant and self-confident at all times and in every situation. Each piece of clothing is thus a tribute to the strength of every woman.

Jeannine Siegenthaler, founder of upyuu

1 week girls education per order

Support girls education

upyuu shows responsibility and donates one week of girls' education to UNICEF for each order , so that more girls have the chance to grow into strong women.

According to UNICEF, around 34 million girls of primary school age do not go to school. Another 93 million are excluded from further education. Girls in some countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia are particularly affected.

Education is one of the most effective solutions against poverty, but also against oppression and inequality, especially in the case of girls against early marriage. According to UNICEF, the risk of a girl being forced into marriage decreases by 5% with each additional school year.

With your support, upyuu makes an important contribution to empowering girls worldwide.

Recycled nylon and organic cotton

Sustainable materials

You deserve favorite pieces that are not only high-quality and stylish, but also leave a significantly smaller footprint.

upyuu athleisure is made from 75% recycled nylon ( Global Recycled Standard GRS ). The applied seamless technology enables a very high wearing comfort and at the same time environmentally friendly production.

upyuu loungewear is made from 72% organic cotton ( Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS ). Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers. Organic cotton is also gentler on your skin.


Sustainable Shipping

So that your favorite item arrives with you without stains, which avoids unnecessary returns, we pack every piece of clothing in a protective cover. However, we deliberately avoid plastic and instead use compostable materials.

Our elegant and flexible mailing bags take up little space and do not require any unnecessary filling material. They are made from FSC certified material and are recyclable .

Furthermore, we deliberately do without hangtags and are happy to provide you with comprehensive information on our website. Shipping is climate-neutral via Swiss Post.