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Silky soft and stylish loungewear
Organic cotton for at home and on the go.

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Our tank tops in many colors make your workout even more fun.

What our customers say
The leggings are super comfortable, the fabric is sooo comfortable and it feels like a second skin! The pockets are super practical and not too small as is often the case. I think it's great that you can buy such a great product made from recycled materials and support something good for the girls at the same time!
— Selina, 01/23/2023
The bra looks great. I really like the criss cross straps. Nothing cuts in and the material feels super comfortable on the skin. Very high quality. I have the bra in the colors cream and black. Would buy again at any time. Thank you Jeannine for the great customer service!
— Caro, 12/26/2022
Really sophisticated tank top. Can be tied behind the back or worn open and therefore feels even lighter.
— Isabella, 05/04/2023
These leggings really fit perfectly. Buttocks and tummies are nicely but not exaggeratedly shaped and the pockets are extremely practical. Didn't even know that I've missed them in leggings so far.
— Kirsten, 03/20/2023
My new favorite top for yoga. Great design with the straps and extremely comfortable fabric. Even better that most of it is recycled. Helps a clear conscience if you shop too much ;-)
— Rachel, 01/16/2023
This is my second set from upyuu and I'm just thrilled. Great fit, comfortable material and nice, subtle colors. I'm curious if there will be something flashy in the summer.
— Mariella, 03/03/2023
Simply a beautiful set for yoga. The color macciato looks so classy and gently soothing. I really like that the leggings have pockets. Keys and iPhone have plenty of space.
— Simone, 03.11.2022
The set is just great! I ordered the color coffee. The leggings fit perfectly and motivate you to exercise.
I think it's great that the products are sustainable and that girls' education is supported!
— Sandrina, 01/29/2023
Simply in love. I love the set by upyuu. The color macchiato is just so beautiful and the fabric is super nice.
— Beatrice, 03/08/2023
I fell in love with upyuu. I not only wear the clothes in fitness and yoga, but also very casually with a jacket when I go out for a short walk. The fabric and cut are just super comfy yet sexy flattering.
— Sophia, 06/22/2022
A super cute set! I'm very picky about sports leggings and I love the leggings in this set. It has no front seam, sits nicely on the body and leaves room to breathe. The top is stylish and has a thumb slot. Can only recommend the set. :)
— Shari, 01/01/2023
upyuu is MEGA. Super pleasant material, very comfortable and yet somehow holds together well. So really great for me! Find it also very nicely branded, discreet and simple.
— Mania, 06/13/2022
Perfect even if you have a pound or two too much. The high waist flattens the tummy and the contouring fabric makes the bottom nice and firm
— Noemi, 04/13/2023
Indescribably cozy. The material of the loungewear is slightly roughened on the inside and is therefore even softer. A feel-good piece and a real eye-catcher. Too bad there are no other colors. I hope they come next fall.
— Alice, 03/11/2023
I am very happy with this bra. Looks beautiful in color crema, fits well and gives good support. Material feels very valuable and comfortable.
— Nadine, 03/07/2023
I love these leggings. Beautiful color (macchiato) and a perfect fit. The slightly higher waistband makes a nice and flat stomach. Clear recommendation
— Eve, 4/4/2023